Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter 6.5″ – Red [Bluetooth + Free Carry Bag]


Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter 6.5″ – Red [Bluetooth + Free Carry Bag]

$899.00 $479.00

  • Brand: Hoverboards NZ
  • Item Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Estimated Delivery: 3 Business days
  • Product Code: M6W-BT
  • Max Travel Distance: 20Km per single charge
  • Max Speed: 16km/h (Alert on when exceeding 12km/h)
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Bluetooth + Carry Bag
  • Description


Red hoverboard features

Red 6.5 inch hoverboard

small red hoverboard with led

Red colour hoverboard with carry bag

6.5 inch size red hoverboard dimensions














This red beauty is made just for you if you want your hoverboarding experience to be nothing short of
phenomenal. The lively color and slick appearance and design are enough to make any self-balancing
scooter enthusiast fall in love with this product.
Whether you are driving on the smooth urban streets or riding your way through the uneven roads in
some remote regions, you can trust this product to take you safely to your destination. The scooter is
called ‘smart’ for a reason. It has a state of the art self-balancing technology that makes it possible to
stay steady and balanced on all types of road conditions.
Not just balancing while running straight but also while turning and bending in both directions is a
breeze with this amazing self-sufficient product. This is due to the smart chip technology used in it to
ensure optimal intuitive riding experience and precise self-control over the motion and the direction.
If you are a speed junkie, you will love this scooter as it allows you to whizz through the streets at an
incredible 20 km/hr speed. However, for cautious types – you are covered too, as the built-in alarm
system alerts you if you are going overboard with the speed, beyond 12 km/hr.
Charge it once and don’t look back till you have driven the beauty to a distance of 20 km. Now that is
some commendable battery storage for you! And even if you are slightly overweight, the smart scooter
doesn’t give a damn. It can easily carry a load of 120 kg on its strong wheels.
For music lovers, the smart electric self-balancing 6.5” red scooter has the Bluetooth capability. And for
the night-riders, the LED lights are your best companions. What’s more, you get a free carry bag to take
your newfound love around while going places.