12 Months Warranty Terms and Conditions

The “Warranty” mentioned here applies in addition to the warranties mentioned in the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.


The goods that you receive shall be well-packaged. Within the package, you will find a warranty card/statement. This comes directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, the warranty is manufacturer’s warranty. In case of defects and damages caused due to unforeseeable circumstances, you should contact the manufacturer of said product through the contact information provided with the warranty card.

If your product receives damages within 12 months of purchase, your warrantor may:

(i) Agree to repair said product,
(ii) Agree to replace said product,
(iii) Agree to give you store credit, or,
(iv) In cases where repair or replacement isn’t possible, refund you the full amount.

This warranty begins the one year period from the date of delivery. In case of absence of proof of delivery, the one year of warranty shall begin from 3 days after dispatch of your order. To make a warranty claim, you can get in touch with us using the ‘Contact Us’ page, along with a copy of your invoice, description of the damage/defect, and a picture of the damage/defect.

Our Support Team will then guide you through the entire process, as well as arrange for a doorstep pick-up of the damaged product at our cost.

The warranty shall not be applicable in the following and related cases:

The damage was caused in foreseeable circumstances or was tampered with by unauthorized personnel.

  1. The damage was caused due to the involvement of a third-party.
  2. Batteries will not be covered under warranty after the expiry of its normal life.

Products lost/misplaced/stolen will not be considered for warranty claims.