10 Inch Hoverboards

10 Inch Hoverboards


The 10-inch self-balancing hoverboard will woo your heart for sure! This wonderful Australian technology offered by Hoverboard NZ is the hottest ride on the wheel. The marvelous beauty is definitely a solution to your healthy lifestyle. This stunning piece of technology will take you miles ahead of your peers and your new swag will place you as an undisputed leader!

The trendy 10-inch self-balance hoverboard is an innovative way to live the free lifestyle you have always craved. Designed to excel at an unbeatable speed of 20 kms per hour, this beautiful gizmo will give you an adrenaline rush.  The engineering marvel is designed with robust technology and smart features to alert you with a beep after crossing over a speed of 12 kms per hour. Thereby, keeping it totally safe for you as per the latest safety guidelines!

Just zap through like a breeze covering 20kms on a single charge and experience energy rush in your body as the winds splash through, rekindling the adventurous side of you...

The electric sensation can be easily charged with a wall mounted charger at any place. The mini marvel self-balancing hoverboard is so brawny that it can carry up to 120 kilos at utter ease. This is again accredited to the best quality rubber wheels with striking and amazing looking alloy rims. These wheels will keep your pace at the best speed possible. Sail with equal ease through resilient tough paths to subtle slow lanes.

The in-built Bluetooth lets you enjoy your favorite music while you ride in style! Just hit the road and carry this ultra-portable hoverboard in the smart carry bag, an additional accessory to suit your persona. Each hovercraft comes with free carry bag and Bluetooth speakers to ensure you derive the best out of this technological marvel!