Hoverboard Chargers


The secret to hassle-free, long life of your self balancing scooter is in its charger...A good quality charger mean efficient charging of your hoverboard as well as ensuring good health for the heart of your hoverboard- the batteries! Hoverboard NZ offers smart, efficient mini portable charger that lets you empower your hoverboard any time, anywhere! It keeps the little mini engineering marvels flashing their lights and rolling their speed for almost 15-20 kms per hours in a single charge. These wall-mounted chargers can be used even in your classroom or your workplace, as per your convenience and port availability.

The hoverboard charger carries an intelligently maneuvered 10-amp Australian technology battery, suitable to fulfill your requirements and providing that extra mileage. The self-balancing hoverboard/electric scooter chargers are ISO certified. That means you can travel and charge the marvelous wonder hoverboard machines under your heels, following all safety guidelines. Let your peers roll their eyes on your unending and constant enjoyment. This is the time to buy, not one, but more of these chargers. Seriously thinking Why? Because you might forget them at your home and we don’t want you to interrupt your fun and adventure at your college. Keep a spare one; at all times!