Self Balancing Scooters



These self-balancing electric scooters are the hottest and most energetic way to kick start your day. Its awesome performance will make the onlookers spin and roll over. The attractive self-balancing hoverboards will give you a peppy look which will get you noticed from a distance.

The ravishing self-balancing electrical hoverboard scooters are available in different sizes of 6.5, 8 and 10-inches. These mini beauties are designed for every class of individual whether a kid, teenager or a professional. This wonder machine comes along with the dignified range of different colors which will personify the aura around you. The self-balance electric wonder will make you sway at a thrilling lightning speed of 10 -15 kms per hour. The advanced inbuilt hi-speed chip-set is enabled to alarm the user after crossing a speed of usually 12 kms per hour. The self-balancing wonder has the potential to cover up to 15-20 kms travel distance in fractions of time, thus avoiding any automobile congestion. The engineering marvel is maneuvered with high tech battery back-up; so, it can be charged easily like your smart phone. The concept of state-of-the-art responsive acceleration makes riding on this gizmo super easy. These hoverboards have significantly bright electric LED lights, just under your heels, making night travelling safe and attractive. The high torque wheels are made up of tough rubber material and smart aluminum rims adding a cool spunk to your ride.

Now is the time to add this marvelous beauty in your collection. Come ride this hot ride and enjoy your favorite number on inbuilt Bluetooth, operable at a finger touch. Just head to your regular journey, enjoy the music and feel the breeze on your face, amongst the hustle-bustle of your overcrowded city. Love nature, be healthy and have fun!