Lamborghini Hoverboard 8” Black


Lamborghini Hoverboard 8” Black

$999.00 $549.00

  • Brand: Hoverboards NZ
  • Item Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Business days
  • Product Code: M8B-BT
  • Max Travel Distance: 20Km per single charge
  • Max Speed: 18km/h (Alert on when exceeding 12km/h)
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Bluetooth + Carry Bag
  • Description


Lambo black hoverboard

lamborghini style 8 inch model

lamborghini style model

Lamborghini style self balancing scooters

The new 8-inches Lamborghini hoverboard is the latest sensation in town. The high-end self-balancing
technology makes it a smooth ride with a perfectly firm grip of your feet on the foothold of the board
and optimal balance and control on the board and your body while riding along.
This classy hoverboard looks sleek with its shiny black color body combining aesthetics with durability
and high-performance and designed to rule the streets with effortless ease and grace. Not to mention,
the Bluetooth speakers to listen to your favorite numbers and add some more zing to your adventurous
fun ride.
The product comes with a foolproof UL certified charger safety making it 100 percent safe while
charging. With the improved charging management system, the product is completely safe from
overcharging or overheating making it a highly secure product for the owner.
What’s more, it gets charged at up to 19% faster rate which adds substantially to its safety while
charging as it takes much less time to charge. You can safely ride along for a distance of 20 km once you
charge the batteries.
Enjoy a safe and swift ride on this sturdily built hoverboard that is made of strong aluminum chassis. The
outer casing is fireproof and scratch-proof, making it highly durable in any adverse conditions. It can
stand a maximum load of up to 120 kg. The 8-inches aluminum wheels and rubber tires of the
Lamborghini hoverboard are built for perfect balance and an enjoyable riding experience even on the
uneven surfaces.
Now ride at an optimal speed of up to 18 km/hr with an alert system in place to let you know when you
cross the 12 km/hr limit.
For anyone young at heart, the new Lamborghini hoverboard is the best product to set your feet on and
have the time of your life sailing around the streets.