Lamborghini Hoverboard 8”, Hoverboard 8″ – Red [Bluetooth + Free Carry Bag]


Lamborghini Hoverboard 8”, Hoverboard 8″ – Red [Bluetooth + Free Carry Bag]

$999.00 $549.00

  • Brand: Hoverboards NZ
  • Item Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Business days
  • Product Code: M8B-RT
  • Max Travel Distance: 20Km per single charge
  • Max Speed: 18km/h (Alert on when exceeding 12km/h)
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Description


The 8 inch red Lamborghini hoverboard is a product to drool over. It’s elegant and graceful and is made
for those who like their self-balancing scooters to be on par with their personal style statement. With
the stunning bright red color and a matching svelte body, this hoverboard has everything in it that can
generate an instant and irresistible appeal. Built to combine stylishness with robust performance; this is
a product that will take you long distances, swiftly and safely.
The base of this hoverboard is wide enough to accommodate vibrant kids, bubbly teens and young at
heart adults with equal ease. Your weight is not a problem to this otherwise delicate looking product. It
can comfortably carry you over the bumpiest roads with relative poise.
Powered by the high-tech smart chip technology enabled CPU control, the balance and steadiness of the
scooter is immaculately calibrated. It also allows effortless motion forward, backward or turning around
on both sides. Every command is executed to precision by the smart processor technology with the
minimum amount of tactile feedback requirement – giving you a full and effortless control of your
hoverboarding experience.
Whether you like to ride at a dizzying speed or prefer a slower pace, the red colored beauty will step-up
her performance to match your taste. You can carry it along with you wherever you go or wrap it up
when not in use, in a trendy carry bag that comes bundled with the package.
You can charge the machine when and where you want using the wall-mounted manual charger. Once
it’s all charged up, it can carry you around the town up to 20 km, non-stop – more than enough to spend
an entire evening on the wheels.
This beauty on wheels will certainly become one of your proudest possessions.