8 Inch Hoverboards



The scintillating Lamborghini hoverboards from Hoverboard NZ imbibe you with great plutonic energy. They are the most glamorous tech to die for. This must grab wheels on fire takes your lifestyle a notch up instantly.

The ravishing electrical sensation is available in three bold colors- white, black and red. So just match them as per your persona. The 8-inch Lamborghini hoverboards are designed to rush your veins with a speed of up to 18 kms per hour. The splendid wonder possesses an advanced hi-speed chipset which keeps a clear check on the speed and alarms you on surpassing 12 kms per hour. This feature makes it safe as per the recent safety check guidelines. The marvel machine is dynamically designed to cover almost 20 kms per hour; just in a single charge. The handy charger can be used at any place for smooth charging of the little wonder gadget. The strength of the basic structure allows the hoverboard to carry almost 100-120 kilos at real ease. The hot wheels are the best attribute as they can withstand bad tedious roads to subtlest pathways. The Lamborghini wheels are maneuvered with extra fine rubber and tough aluminum alloy rims. Thus, making you look like a Greek God swaying on classy vogue wheels. The Lamborghini hoverboards are instilled to provide extravagant elegance with the super illuminating LED lights. These lights just paint away the roads to perfection, especially during the night. The Lamborghini hoverboard is so portable, you can carry it along in a carry bag.

With so many attributes in just one single buy certainly makes it a great deal. The awesome in-built Bluetooth is a musical treat which you can enjoy on the go with a single click. So rock and roll over to your favorite music and make your way through overcrowded masses. Let heads turn around when your sway in style!