Yes, we do accept returns. For a detailed description, please visit our Warranty & Return Policy To give you a gist, here’s a brief description:

The products must either be faulty or damaged due to manufacturer’s fault and must be returned within 28 days. The packaging must be intact, along with the manufacturer’s note, warranty card, and the invoice. The customer shall bear all freight expenses, except in the case of DOA (dead on arrival) returns.

The customer will have to make complete payment for the product to be dispatched from our warehouse. We have a couple of secure payment gateways integrated with our website, including SecurePay. All transactions made on our website are the responsibility of the payment gateways involved. Apart from online payments, we also accept DBT (Direct Bank Transfers). A few situations may call for an identity check, this is to ensure that the order has been placed by the original card holder.

There is no built-in suspension mechanism in place. The hoverboard can absorb light shocks during normal operation. It is, however, recommended that you ride the hoverboard on clean surfaces only to ensure that there’s absolutely no damage. Frequent riding of the board will actually help you realize how much your knees can help in acting as an efficient suspension mechanism. Other than that, our boards should be able to handle irregularities in the roads, up to ½ inch.

Hoverboard NZ provides all the batteries required along with the packaging. These are high-grade lithium-ion batteries, that take only a couple of hours to charge fully. On a full charge, one can ride the hoverboard for about 18-20 km.The batteries are covered under warranty only until their normal life has expired.It is recommended that you only charge the batteries for about a couple of hours each time. Limit yourself to two hours per charge to avoid damage to the battery.

Yes, segways sold by Hoverboard NZ are capable of handling inclined roads. The motor is quite powerful and can help you climb up on an incline without having to put any extra efforts. Not only does it aid in uphill ascents, it also helps you control the speed when going down a decline/downhill road.

There is a lower weight limit fixed for the hoverboard. Anyone with a bodyweight of over 25 kilograms can ride the hoverboard with ease and safely. If you’re under the age of 16, it is recommended that you ride the hoverboard with adult supervision to lower chances of injury due to mis-operation.

While these hoverboards weren’t built for wet-usage, they should survive light use in wet conditions. The hoverboard is only water resistant to a small extent. It is IP54 water resistant and is considered fit for use with light splashes and dust. It isn’t recommended to ride this machine over puddles of water, as that could cause irreparable damages.

Hoverboards are ridiculously easy to ride. There is a small learning curve involved, which one can overcome within an hour. The forward and reverse motions hardly take an hour to master, while maneuvering can take a bit of time more. However, all-inclusive, about a couple of hours should be enough to master the hoverboard.

Hoverboards are completely safe to ride. These are joy-toys that have been designed keeping customer safety in mind. Most of our products have speed-limiters which cannot be overridden. Our products also have the requisite warning signs in place that signal engine malfunction so you are safe in case of mishaps. It should also be noted that New Zealand has extremely strict protocols in place that don’t allow hastily manufactured hoverboards to hit the market at all. Therefore, rest assured, only those products that meet all standard requirements make it to your doorstep.

Segway scooters and Hoverboards are seen as items of leisure, as well as transport in some cases. The popularity of these joy toys is increasing at a steady pace – it wouldn’t be a stretch to call these the transportation machines of the future. It would, therefore, make sense that there are standards in place to regulate the quality of these machines. The temporary ban in place affects only those sellers who sell faulty equipment. Hoverboard NZ sources its segway scooters and hoverboards only from the most trusted suppliers. All our products are 100% safe for use, and will never, ever be banned.