The Consumer Guarantees Act gives consumers certain rights. One of these rights includes the right to safety. The NZ government is actually actively seeking out for faulty manufacturers of hoverboards so they can be banned. The government of New Zealand is entirely committed to making the process of getting a hoverboard completely safe.


Safety Standards Compliant

All products that we deal with are certified to be safe products. They are compliant with New Zealand’s safety standards. This is also reiterated in the form a safety manual which mentions all safety features in the machines.

All components used are sourced only from the best of suppliers and are assembled at factories in China. These are then shipped directly to our warehouse in New Zealand. Before all this happens, there are rigorous safety checks going on in the background. This ensures transparency among us, the government, and our consumers.


Certified Li-ion Batteries

Batteries form a major part of the hoverboard. Not to sound dramatic, but the kind of batteries used can either make or break a hoverboard. Our manufacturers use only the highest-grade lithium-ion batteries made by Samsung.

Faulty or sub-standard batteries can wreak havoc, by giving out smoke or lighting itself on fire. It is better to avoid products with faulty batteries, as it could cause trouble. Hoverboard NZ passes the test here, though – all our batteries are made by Samsung, and are double-tested in our laboratories to ensure safety at all levels.


Conditional Warranty

All products sold by Hoverboard NZ come with a conditional one-year warranty. This one-year warranty is applicable in the case of the main-operating board or the motherboard, while the rest of the body is covered by a six-month warranty.

“Conditional Warranty” refers to the warranty being contingent on the kind of damages the board receives. This means that damages caused due to foreseeable circumstances will not be considered for warranty claims. Customers are required to get in touch with us through our Contact Page, along with a copy of their invoice, a picture of the damaged part, as well as a detailed description of the damage and the circumstances.

Our Commitment to Safety

A private study led to the conclusion that most mishaps and fire-related accidents on hoverboards were a result of faulty batteries, which led to short circuits. There have been a few incidents where people have noticed smoke coming out of their hoverboards – a telltale sign of substandard batteries.

Our commitment to consumer safety does not allow us to use cheap, substandard batteries. We provide you with a more expensive, but safe-to-use batteries (at our own cost) that help you squeeze the maximum fun from your hoverboards.