White Hoverboards


Why White Hoverboards ?

Let’s add some spunk in your regular routine with the stylish white hoverboard from Hoverboard NZ!!

The smart electric hoverboard is a must buy in your collection. The latest technology is a boon that will warm up your heart with thrill and joy.The white electrical sensation is so alluring that it will transform boredom in to excitement.With the 6.5-inch white hoverboards, experience the winds whisper and pace rage under your heels. The white Segway hoverboard can cover almost 20 kms per hour in a single charge. The electric wonder can be easily charged like your smart phone. The electric hoverboard is intelligently maneuvered with a high-speed chipset which works on fundamentally controlling the speed by alarming the user on attaining 12 kms per hour. So enjoy the pleasure of this mini marvel with safer guidelines. The hoverboard is specifically designed with sturdy twisting set of two wheels made up of finest quality of rubber. These wheels have shimmery gleaming aluminum alloy rims enhancing the classy look. These wheels will take you around; through toughest tedious roads to subtle city’s sidewalk. The LED lights are an additional attribute, making night travel safer, brighter and adventurous. The strenuous structure has the potential to carry up to 100-120 kilos at once. So, without a second thought, hop on the hoverboard and feel your pulse racing.

The little fun filled journey on these hoverboard will create an enticing effect on your lives. This electric scooter is further formulated with an in-built Bluetooth. Hum along with frolic to enjoy your favorite music and reach your destination with an elated soul. The hoverboard is portable to carry and can be easily packed up within its carry bag. So, just flaunt your latest white and bright hoverboard and make your peers awestruck by the fire under your wheels!!