6.5 Inch Hoverboards



These self-balancing electric scooters are the hottest and most robust buy of this season. Available in tantalizing colors such as fiery red, shiny white, cool blue, black and dazzling gold, these gizmos will steal your heart with its performance. The gleaming self-balancing hoverboard will add a spunk to your persona, making you the unmatched new trendsetter wherever you go!

The self-balancing electrical hoverboard scooters will bring out the rebellious and adventurous you which is somewhere lost in the excessive working profile of today’s lifestyle. The self-balancing hoverboards are designed for everyone, whether a kid, teenager and those young in spirit. This wonder tech toy will make you sway at a raging speed of 16 kms per hour. The advanced inbuilt hi-speed chip-set smartly alerts the user for their safety once the baby crosses the speed of 12 kms per hour. The sensational electric marvel is maneuvered to cover up to 20 kms travel distance in a single charge. The self-balancing hoverboard can carry almost 120 kilos making it apt for use for every person. The wall mounted charger can be easily placed anywhere. The hoverboard is intricately designed with the brightest LED lights under your heels. Just make your night travel fun, adventurous and safe.

Get more out of life when you drive past on your hoverboard with built in blue tooth speakers. The electric mini wonder is all ready to set you free from your stress and travel in style, humming to the tunes of your favorite music.

It’s time to change the mundane to thrilling... Fill your days with adventure and excitement with hoverboards...and when you try the advanced moves, the watchers will skip a heartbeat for sure!

Love yourself, enjoy the music and head towards a healthy lifestyle with 6.5 inch hoverboards!