Black Hoverboards



The Black Hoverboards possess a unique class of makes routine life adventurous. The stylish black
hoverboards are one of the hottest rides on wheels in today’s busy, tick-tock running, clumsy, lifestyle.
The intelligently designed smart technology is available in different dimensions with varying features
suitable for different generations in your family. The hoverboards are available in different styles namely
Carbon Black; Lamborghini and Smart Electric scooter with LED lights; each respectively with dimensions
of 10-inch, 8-inch and 6.5-inch. The variable sizes and features are again a bonus point to suit as per
one’s comfort and balance. The electric hoverboards are designed to cover almost 20 kms distance with
extreme ease. These electric sensations are further maneuvered to rush through like a lightning speed
of 15-20 kms per hour. These little fun and frolic wonders are completely safe and follow stringent
safety guidelines.
The electric hoverboards are intricately set up with an inbuilt hi-speed advanced chip-sets which alarm
the user on crossing over 12 kms per hour. This is also an enhanced part of their safety feature. The
black colored elegant hoverboards can easily bear a weight of 100-120 kilos, thus making you feel as
light as a feather. The wheels of these vogue rides are designed from high quality rubber material and
are extremely stabilized by aluminum alloy which create more comfort while self-balancing. The 6.5-inch
electric hoverboard is specifically maneuvered with LED lights which make night travels safer. The
hoverboards come with an easy charger, carry bag and inbuilt Bluetooth.
Re-invent your lives with adventure. Wear your head gear, follow your heart and go ahead to your
college or workplace; all in vogue.