Blue Hoverboards



The Blue Hoverboard will make you shine like a rockstar in the crowd. The blue color of this electric
hoverboard gives it an extremely cool spunky look adding up to your adventurous personality.
The self-balancing electrical sensation is bound to sway away many hearts when you zoom away with
wheels under your heels. Hoverboard NZ is here to offer you the best technology with the latest hi-
speed chip set with a lightning speed of 15 kms per hour. The electric sensation has been designed to
cover almost 15-18 kms in a single charge. This mini blue beauty can carry a load of up to 200 pounds.
The 6.5-inch miraculous wonder will take you through the city’s sidewalks in great vogue and style. The
gleaming blue colored electric sensation is easy to charge just like your handy laptop. It can be charged
in just a span of 1-2 hours. The hot wheels are gracefully maneuvered to withstand sturdy tough difficult
roads with ease. The self-balancing wheels are made up of high-quality rubber material, thus ensuring a
seamless bump free ride on all types of terrain. The wheels are further hovered around with classy
aluminum alloy material rims to enhance the peppy look.
The hoverboard gives you a chance to escape the regular automobile congestion, and travel at your own
pace. The self-balancing hoverboard is intricately designed to give elation to your body and mind; via the
in-built Bluetooth. Hit the road, wear your head gear and travel luxuriously, listening to the beats of
your favorite music.
You get a trendy carry bag with our hoverboard to facilitate easy handling. So, whether you are going to
a market or for a mini vacation, let this blue candy accompany you...Enjoy thrill, enjoy blue hoverboard!