Gold Hoverboards



Want to be a surefire head turner wherever you go? Make gold hoverboards your travel partner and see
heads turn wherever you go...The shimmery beauty never fails to leave its mark on peers and onlookers
and is an instant attention seeker...The dazzling beauty with enthrall the onlookers with its enchanting
beauty and mesmerizing speed as you maneuver through all types of terrain with style!
Hoverboard NZ is offering a masterpiece with brains. The gleaming electric scooter is an example of
scintillatingly Australian technology. Designed to perfection and precision, this hot wheels is the
ultimate mantra in style, comfort and safety. The sensational beauty will take you sway at a lighting
speed of almost 16 kms per hour. The user safety guidelines are there to alarm you on exceeding a
speed of 12 kms per hour. The beauty on wheels lets you experience eternal bliss as you travel through
the crowded streets, pavements and busy roads. No matter how the terrain is, you will experience the
sheer thrill. This energy efficient hoverboard covers a distance of 20 kms at ease on a single charge. The
golden Rockstar can be charged very easily with a wall mounted charger at any place just like your smart
phone. The beauty goes beyond the looks and can carry up to 120 kgs with ease. You’ll simply sail
through with ease on your gold hoverboard...and if you didn’t know this...this beauty will also
strengthen your lower leg muscles!
The beautiful bright LED lights are another added attribute. These lights will make you pave your way
even through the night travel with utter safety and style. With features galore, Gold hoverboards will
steal your heart and undoubtedly become your most prized possession...
Turn your routine into an exciting ride...Just move around on your dainty hoverboard and let all eyes roll!