Red Hoverboards



The red-hot flaming hoverboards will instantly melt your heart. The awesome wonder electric scooters takes you to an adventurous ride that you’ll always cherish. The self-balancing or Lamborghini style adds swagger to your personality and instantly elevates your status to that of a rockstar! The flamboyant red colored hoverboards enthuse energy and charge up your surroundings with its awesomeness! Undoubtedly, this stylish little gizmo is a must have for all the fashion trendsetters out there! The red beauty is available in three different sizes-6.5, 8 and 10-inches, to adjust to different age groups and needs. The gleaming electric wonder hoverboards have matchless features. Ergonomically designed, the Lamborghini or self-balancing hoverboard will surpass your expectations and give you an unexpected performance of almost 20 kms travel distance in a single charge. The electric sensation supercharges your heels and makes you swirl through the winds at a speed of 15-20 kms per hour.

The sensational marvel is designed intricately with a high-speed chip system which alerts the user on crossing a speed of 12 kms per hour. The hoverboard scooter is extremely sturdy and has the capacity to carry around 100-120 kilos. The electric revolution can be charged easily like your tablet or smart phone. The red beauty is also available in a Spider flame pattern, for the adventure loving and fun seeking youth.

The masterpiece created by Hoverboard NZ is equipped with an excellent set of wheels which can withstand tedious resilient pebbled road to soft sidewalks. The LED lights are another feature making night travel extremely safe. The best attribute of this electric beauty is its inbuilt Bluetooth, which lets you hum through the adventure. Gear up with your headphones, listen to your favorite music and speed up the wheels under your heels. Just grab this!