Fun Hoverboard DIY Customisations You Can Try

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Fun Hoverboard DIY Customisations You Can Try

Recreational activities such as riding the hoverboard can be a form of self-expression. It helps you destress and take your mind off things as it allows you to focus only on yourself and the activity. With the hoverboard, there are many ways to be creative. 

It can be with your riding style since physical activities help you discover how your body moves and behaves, with the type of hoverboard you use, and even with the way you customise your hoverboard. 

If you would like to get creative with your hoverboard’s look, here are a few DIY customisations you can try.


Putting decals, skins, or stickers can be a quick and fun way to upgrade your hoverboard’s look. These items are readily available online, and some are even made especially for hoverboards. If you are feeling extra expressive, you can opt for loud, vibrant, and vivid colors. 

If you want to go for quieter colors, you can opt for less vibrant or plain designs. All you have to do is choose decals, skins, or stickers that will fit your hoverboard. But if they don’t fit, feel free to improvise until they fit your self-balancing scooter. 

Do note that these will peel off overtime. Once they do, you can just strip them off and replace them easily.

Designer Duct Tapes

Designer duct tapes can be a cheaper way to dress up your hoverboard if you find decals, stickers, or skins a bit pricey. All you have to do is purchase a designer duct tape (or three, depending on the number of designs you want to play around with) and get a cutting tool. Some people recommend the X-Acto Basic Knife cutting tool for a more precise cut, but normal tools will also do just fine. 

Once you have your tools ready, stick the duct tape on the areas of your hoverboard that you want to be covered, and cut accordingly. Keep repeating the process until you get your desired results. Like decals, stickers, and skins, designer duct tapes are also temporary. 

You can replace them with the same design or opt for a different look once they start to peel off. 

Spray Paint

If you want to unleash your inner daredevil, spray paint is another way to glam-up your device’s look. Keep in mind that the process of spraying paint will require more care as it is permanent, unlike choosing designs you can easily stick on your hoverboard. However, if you are very much determined on performing this method, all you need are spray paints, tape, and scissors. 

First, use the tape and scissors to cover up all areas that you wouldn’t want to spray paint on. These areas usually include the wheels and rims, and the platform where you place your feet. Once covered, apply a light coat on your hoverboard with your spray paint. 

Let it sit for ten minutes, and then repeat. Once you have applied two, light coats, spray your final coat. The third application should be darker. 

Once finished, you can spray a clear paint to protect and prolong your hoverboard’s new color. Finally, remove the tape and enjoy your device’s new look.

You will discover more ways to customise your hoverboard’s look, especially if you have a knack for DIY designs. Truly, the hoverboard can be a powerful tool for self-expression.

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