Five Effective Maintenance Tips for Your Hoverboard

how to maintain your hoverboard

Five Effective Maintenance Tips for Your Hoverboard

Did you know that for the year 2016, hoverboard was voted to be the best and the most popular mobility device of the year? Prominent personalities like John Legend, Jamie Fox, and even Barrack Obama were found riding these beauties in the past. 

A hoverboard, Segway, just like self-balancing scooters, has gathered popularity across the globe. Although it was expensive earlier, manufacturers now have started creating quality hoverboards that are affordable and reliable.

Maintaining Your Hoverboard

If you have bought a hoverboard for the first time, you must understand how to take care of the same. Here are five maintenance tips that should be religiously followed by every hoverboard owner. Take a look –

  • Keep Your Wheels Clean

Using a hoverboard regularly can assimilate a lot of dirt and debris on its wheels. If you keep your wheels uncleaned for an extended period, the waste may get connected to the motor lowering the efficiency of the hoverboard itself.

Ensure that you clean your wheels regularly. This will not only ensure the proper functionality of the hoverboard but will also maintain its aesthetics.

  • Keep the Battery Charged Always

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind while using a hoverboard is to keep its battery charged all the time. Lithium-ion batteries mostly power hoverboards, and they are rechargeable. However, how long or how efficiently these batteries will work in the long run entirely depends on how you take care of them.

Regular charging is mandatory for every hoverboard, Segway. Before you take it out for a ride the first time during the day, make sure it is fully charged.

  • Keep It Clean

To ensure the utmost efficiency of your hoverboard, you also have to keep the multi-layer fibreboard clean all the time. The board can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris from day to day use. If you do not maintain the sensor and other inner parts of the board correctly, it can affect its functionality. 

Keeping it clean all the time does not only make it look good but will also improve its efficiency.

  • Let It Cool

Just like smartphones, hoverboards also tend to get heat up with excessive use. You must let your hoverboard cool down entirely if you have been using it for an extended period of time.

This will help you increase your hoverboard’s durability and provide you a smooth ride.

  • Keep an Eye on The Peddles

When you step on your hoverboard, it should not feel unstable and loose. You should be able to stand on it without any hassle and feel safe riding it. If you are feeling uneasy once you step on your hoverboard, check those peddles. Chances are, the paddles are loose and can get detached any time.

Keep an eye on the paddles and check on them from time to time. After all, it’s a machine, and excessive use can loosen up the paddles. Take help from a professional if you find out the paddles are loose. They will help you tighten those up just as you need it.

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