Get Creative with your Hoverboard

Get Creative with your Hoverboard

You finally know how to ride the hoverboard. What was once a daunting task of learning the basics–mounting and dismounting, finding your balance, getting the right speed–now feels like a walk in the park. However, getting the hang of something can leave you with the nagging question over what comes next.

Here are four creative ideas to spice up the way you ride your hoverboard.


The Magic Carpet Ride

Your dream to ride the Magic Carpet has finally come true! Accessorize your hoverboard by placing a rug, one that resembles Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, on top of it. Due to Aladdin being a legendary movie, you can easily purchase rugs inspired by the film from online shops or local stores near you.

If you feel like tapping into your creativity, opt for a do-it-yourself Magic Carpet that allows you to make adjustments according to your preference, giving you a more comfortable ride. Feel free to take it up a notch by dressing up as one of the characters in Aladdin.


Hoverboard Go-Kart

Want to give yourself a break from the usual standing position on the hoverboard? You can purchase a hoverboard go-kart attachment that allows you to create a go-kart out of your device and actually sit on it. It is quick and easy to install, and children as young as thirteen years old can ride it.

This definitely levels up your hoverboard experience, but be wary of  where you ride your hoverboard. There are schools, malls, and even cities that have banned the use of this device.

In addition, going off-road is highly discouraged, because an uncontrolled environment heightens accident risks. So, it is best to educate yourself on hoverboard laws according to where you live. Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse.


Learning New Tricks

You are never too old to learn a new trick or two. Practice swerving to the left and to the right. Once you master this move, practice rotating clockwise and counterclockwise.

Again, once you get used to it, move on to the next trick. Make sure to practice in a safe environment to avoid unnecessary accidents. You can also ask the help of hoverboard experts to give you ideas on which moves are safe to try and which moves are not worth all the sweat.


The Hoverboard Dancer

Once you have learned new ways to move with the hoverboard, you can take it a step further by incorporating these moves into your dance choreographies. Try to swerve left and right as you do the Whacking Arms dance move, sway from side to side while doing The Floss, and even recreate the pirouette and pretend you are one graceful ballerina (since all know learning the pirouette takes time).

Just keep practicing, and you will learn to bust a move with the hoverboard.

There are more creative ways you can ride the hoverboard. However, always prioritize your safety by wearing the proper attire and gear. If learning a particular trick compromises your safety, simply move on to the next trick.

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