How to Ride Hoverboards Like a Pro

How to Ride Hoverboards Like a Pro

Hoverboards became an instant hit when they first came out in 2014. As you can see, over the years, a series of iterations have been done to improve product design, safety, and performance. They just keep evolving and looking better each time.

Having said that, hoverboards are once again gaining popularity in New Zealand. Yes, they look incredibly cool, but wouldn’t it be great to ride them like a pro and enjoy it? Here are some tips on how you can.

Safety First

It is highly recommended to use safety gear such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, tailbone protectors, and wrist guards. Keep your body protected before getting on the hoverboard, especially if you are a first-time user. Remember, even pro users use safety gear in practicing and performing their tricks to avoid injuries.

Next, check your hoverboard before riding. Make sure that it is fully charged and powered on. Do not attempt to stand on a board that is switched off. 

When you are ready to begin, try using the beginner or learning mode. Take it slow. Hoverboards may not be as fast as cars, but the speed range can go from 3mph up to 13 mph.

Another tip that most people overlook is reading your hoverboard’s manual. Get to know the product. This can help you understand specifications and special safety measures. Additionally, when using the board at night, be sure to turn on your LED light so other vehicles can see you.

Finding your Balance on the Hoverboard

Riding hoverboards can be tricky at first. When you attempt to stand on your hoverboard, find your balance by placing one foot on one side. Try using your dominant foot first. Avoid rushing and jumping in. 

Once you feel comfortable and steady, you can now position your other foot. Keep your feet as far as possible to the sides. This will help you control yourself better. 

Remember, most of the control will come from your feet, not from your hips nor your waist. Be sure that your stance does not feel awkward to you or else you would fall off easily.

Just like in skating, bending your knees will help you keep balanced on the hoverboard. Practice riding in a straight line before trying anything else.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with anything, practicing helps you build muscle memory and confidence. The more you practice, the more you can discover how to ride and control your hoverboard better. 

Learning how to ride the hoverboard is similar to learning how to ride a bicycle. Everyone has different learning curves, so be patient with yourself.

You will also feel more comfortable using your hoverboard the more you practice with it. Building confidence will totally make you feel and look like a pro.

Mastering the Dismount 

A lot of hoverboard users have said that the most challenging part is dismounting, experiencing falls when the hoverboards end up jerking forward. For some, that can seem very sloppy, embarrassing, and not to mention, painful too.

To avoid that, the key is to get off backward instead of forwards. A tip is to use your dominant foot to find your body’s center of gravity and keep the board balanced while you dismount with the other foot.

Challenge Yourself

Once you have mastered the basics of mounting, dismounting, moving, and balancing, you’ll feel ready to move on to the next level. Challenge yourself by learning tricks. One of the beginner-level tricks that both kids and adults can do is “The Stork”. 

This trick involves balancing yourself on one side of the hoverboard. To do this, carefully take off one foot from the board then try to balance yourself with the other.  Relax, focus, and try holding this position for at least ten seconds.

When you’re able to keep balance, try a little spin on your hoverboard. Use gentle pressure, and take it slow.

Finally, you may try placing both your feet on one side. Balance by resting one foot on the board’s bumper. Don’t worry about falling and just relax. You will surely get the hang of it.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Try not to overthink so much. Notice how experienced hoverboard users don’t look uncomfortable when they move? They look so cool and relaxed, so don’t forget to smile and have a great time!

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